ViNe Lab

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Welcome to Vine Lab

The ViNe lab


The Laboratory for Computational Vision and Neural Networks (ViNe) is a centre of research within the Department of Physical Sciences of the University of Naples “Federico II”


Its aim is to conduct basic and applied research in Image Understanding and Neural Networks.


The ViNe Lab. expertise and activities span:

Medical imaging,
Cognitive Vision,
3D Computer Vision,
Formal methods for Robotics,
Dynamical System Theory and its application to neural systems,
Machine Learning,
Pattern Recognition,
Biologically inspired modelling of the visual control system,
Mobile Robotics.

Today has 8 members: 3 academics and 2 post doctoral fellows.

The ViNe Lab. was started by Ezio Catanzariti in 2003. Ezio passed away on 29th April 2010. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him. He will be missed!